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Asian Touch Spa

407 South Witchduck Road
Virginia Beach,VA 23462

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Had another very enjoyable experience. Last night was a couples massage with my wife and both of us were treated wonderfully. The masseuses are super friendly and all about making your experience enjoyable. I will return again, there is no doubt about it.
Brian W.
Does not matter which girls massages you! THEY ARE ALL VERY GOOD, friendly and professional. Relieves me of back pain American doctors are unable to. I am there every two weeks minimum. I will not take the chance of letting any other place give me a massage as long as Asian Touch is there for me!
John S.
I have been going here at least once, if not twice a week, for a long time and find it a nice place. First and foremost, Asian Touch is a great spa in a nice atmosphere. Perhaps most important is the cleanliness that you will notice immediately inside. The owner, who is a practicing esthetician herself, has gone to great lengths to decorate each of the treatment rooms in a calming oriental fashion. So many spas have a medical feel to them, this place just makes you feel relaxed as soon as you walk in. They are remodeling and the new table shower rooms can compare with any upscale spa in New York, Miami, or San Francisco. Really nice. Scheduling, which is a source of many postings on this board, is handled flawlessly at Asian Touch. They know what they are doing and there are no surprises. The TS and steam are very strong and enjoyable. The massages are among the best there is. Each one of the massage therapists has a specialty to accommodate any customers wishes, be it shiatsu, tui-na, deep tissue, or a host of other types of massage. I have met Lisa and Jenny, and both are professional, pleasant and classy ladies in the truest meaning of the word. All the therapists are licensed and certified and keep their accreditation current, something you will not find in the majority of spas, even high end spas in resorts. The prices are very reasonable, and there are special packages that really can't be beat. They also offer a couples massage. I would highly recommend taking your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend and trying this for something different and memorable. This is a pretty nice place if you are looking for a good massage. It is a great place to just unwind and relax.
Mark E.
Asian Touch Spa  -  407 South Witchduck Road  -  Virginia Beach , VA 23462  -  757-905-4201